New Hired RAship Students

You are being offered a Research Assistantship for 50%RA.

The Research Assistantship (50%RAship level funding) package includes a salary of $11856/qtr, a tuition amount of $12,540/qtr, which covers 8-10 units (full tuition), and the Stanford Health care subsidy of $1032/qtr. (half of the full cost).

Please follow the steps below to complete the RAship requirements.

(   ) Accepting your RAship via email from, which will be sent to your Stanford email address with the subject line “Please approve SoE Assistantship for (your name), AST XXX”. Be sure that you have sunet ID displayed under Stanford system.

Note: if you are funded by faculty outside School of Engineering Department you may not have to approve the pega (RAship on- line) form but someone will do the RAship entry for you.

(   ) Complete I-9 form. Please see the instruction here:

Note: during COVID-19 all students are required to visit this link

(   ) Fill out Tax form via Axess to Declare Federal and State Withholding Allowance. Select the Employee Center Tab, if you can’t find the tab then wait until after you receive your first paycheck on Oct 22nd. See instruction sheet in this folder.

(   )  Fill out Tax Exemption form 8233, if you are from treaty country.

(   ) Apply for Payroll Deduction via Axess.

(   ) Apply for Direct Deposit via Axess.

Please send an email to phdstudentservices@cs.stanford. edu, if you are required to apply for Social Security Number and need employment letter.